Use Cases

Learn some ways Leo AI can supercharge your teaching.

Create Resources

Leo can generate any resource for your teaching.

Leo intelligently helps you generate any teaching material you need. Assignments, quizzes, lesson plans, letters of recommendation, you name it.

Leo asks the right questions, so that you don't need to be a prompt engineer.
Pre-made options.
Select from our pre-made menu of common resources educators create.
Web access.
Leo has the ability to search the internet, giving you up to date information.
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Instant Feedback

Give feedback on written language assignments

Leo AI can give instant feedback on written language assignments, freeing up time for teachers to focus on other aspects of teaching.

Super speed.
Leo can give feedback to hundreds of assignments in a matter of minutes.
50+ languages.
Leo can work with all the major languages of the world.
All feedback and grades are editable, keeping teachers in control.
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Knowledge Check

Evaluate students knowledge on any topic

Create your criteria and Leo AI will evaluate students' knowledge on any topic based on your criteria.

You can customize your grading criteria to fit any subject and grade level.
Google Classroom.
Import submissions from Google Classroom with the click of a button.
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Generate Audio

Generate audio files from text to create listening exercises

Leo AI can generate audio files from text, allowing teachers to create listening exercises for students.

Voice options.
Leo can generate audio files in a variety of voices.
50+ languages.
Leo can work with all the major languages of the world.
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