Say Goodbye to Hours of Grading

Leo AI takes the repetition out of grading, allowing teachers to give more feedback faster, and focus on what truly matters — students.

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    • Harvard University
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Teach more with the help of AI

Leo's suite of AI tools streamlines and simplifies the tedious grading process.

Grade hundreds of submissions in minutes. Leo will notify you via email when your submissions are ready.

Create teaching material through Chat.

Leo helps you create teaching material, brainstorm ideas and more, just by chatting. Collaborate with Leo to get started on anything.

Assignment Creation

Leo simplifies the creation of assignments with AI-driven suggestions and templates.

Letters of Recommendation

Leo assists in drafting personalized and impactful letters of recommendation.

Idea Brainstorming

With Leo, brainstorming for projects, lessons, and activities becomes a breeze.

Exercise Question Generation

Leo automatically creates exercise questions suited to your curriculum and students.

Rubric Creation

Design rubrics easily with Leo’s AI, ensuring clear criteria and standards for assignments.

Text Simplification

Leo helps simplify complex texts, making them more accessible for students of varying reading levels.

Leo meets you where you work.

Leo connects to your Learning Management System, including Google Classroom, Canvas, and more, allowing you to instantly pull assignments and push grades.


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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team at

    • Is Leo reliable?

      Usage data shows that our AI-grading is 97% reliable. That is 97% of the time, the AI grading matches the grading of the human grader. We are working hard to make it 100% reliable.

    • Do you train your AI on the submitted data?

      No, we do not train our AI on the submitted data.

    • Doesn't AI grading take jobs away from teachers?

      Of course not! Teachers play a crucial role in the educational system. By delegating some of the grading tasks, we empower teachers to dedicate more time to individual interactions with students, enhancing the learning experience.

    • Is Leo free?

      You can start using Leo for free. However, only paid and institutional users get access to some of our premium features.

    • How can I get started?

      You can get started right now for free by signing up with your email! Head to the Chat section to create teaching material with Leo. Or you can upload your first assignment and start grading.

    • How does Leo work?

      Leo uses the latest in AI technology to produce documents, and analyze assignments as fast as possible.

    • How can I get in touch?

      You can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Loved by educators worldwide.

Leo is so simple and powerful that teachers can’t help but fall in love with it.

    • I had many teachers who engaged for longer with the platform and got much better results than they ever did with other AI platforms. Leo is a superpower for me to help less confident teachers engage with AI and embrace it.

      Chris Tyrrell
      TOK Coordinator
    • Leo exceeded my expectations and I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way educators work. Leo’s easy interface, navigation, and functionality enabled creativity and productivity. What would have taken months to plan was accomplished in minutes. Thank you Henry and to your team.

      Dan Wong
      English and Humanities Teacher
    • Henry's adept facilitation of our virtual session focused on Demystifying AI, was exceptional. By bridging abstract ideas with tangible examples, he cultivated an environment where curiosity thrived and made artificial intelligence approachable in a way that had seemed inaccessible for some participants.

      Kristie Martinez
      Marin County Office of Education